Does the Price Affect Quality?
No. In fact, the opposite is true. Condoit is looking at the long-term, looking at our reputation, and looking to make the future community a better place. That is our bottom line.
Condo t Community Websites Condoit Community Websites  We offer a little freedom for management, for volunteers, for residents and owners: freedom to do more with less time. Together, we can rediscover ‘community’.     Everyone benefits with a little freedom.
The important contributions of condominium developers and management companies go largely unrecognized. Place your logo on the front page of a Condoit Community Website and ensure your branding is visibly associated with your building and your success.
Your logo will be seen by buyers, renters, residents, and new boards. Everyone interested in your building will be ‘eyes-on site’ to recognize your brand and contributions.
There are better ways to profit from websites. Others provide templates and let their clients do the work. However, most strata and condo boards are volunteers who often give more time than necessary, already.   994 really can buy a little freedom.
Why Condoit?
Because Everyone Benefits.
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